Monday, 25 July 2011

BBC research finds 42% of nine month-year-olds wake frequently in the night

BBC research has revealed that new parents took sleep for granted before the birth of their baby. The arrival of a child often marks the end of sleeping until late on the weekend. Results have shown that 22 per cent of nine-month-olds have difficulty settling to sleep and 42 per cent wake frequently in the night. Constant waking can take its toll on parents. But some mothers have found that having their baby sleep on an organic mattress has solved this problem.
The Naturalmat Coco Mat Baby Mattress is the perfect choice for new-borns and babies up to 18 months. It provides your child with gentle support and excellent breathability. It consists of an organic coir (coconut fibre) core which gives the mattress spring whilst the organic lambswool tufting adds extra comfort. Its creators know that is essential that children grow up in a clean and safe environment. This was the motivation behind having the Coco Mat Mattress come with a machine washable cotton cover and more importantly it is completely chemical free. You undoubtedly will to have a lot and your mind when you are expecting and with the pressures of modern life you may have a limited amount of time to make all of the necessary arrangements. That is why Naturalmat have made purchases hassle free. You’re Naturalmat Coco Mat Mattress can be ordered online and be delivered to your door. Naturalmat customers have provided the company with an overwhelming amount of positive reviews.
'Our little boy has been sleeping in his cot bed with his lovely mattress since he was four months old and has slept through most nights, what luxury! It was a pleasure buying from
Naturalmat and I have even recommended them to friends,' said Sarah from Tyne and Wear. The Naturalmat Company has expanded its range of products and the Coco Mat Baby
You can purchase Naturalmat products from


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