Monday, 21 May 2012

Raw Materials

Naturalmat are pioneers in natural fibre technology and have developed the most comfortable range of mattresses using these innovative new raw materials. 

•Organic lambswool from certified Soil Association farms as well as being anti-dust mite, anti-bed bug and anti-moth. The organic lambswool used within Naturalmat mattresses comes exclusively from local farms around the West Country (who are certified organic by the Soil Association). We then clean the wool on the edge of Dartmoor using water from the River Dart. The water is then filtered, cleaned and returned to the river without any environmental impact. The dirt is washed out of the wool and then goes into an anaerobic digester to make organic compost.  

•Organic coir fibre- this sustainable material greatly enhances the ventilation and spring of the mattress.

•Natural latex- the natural latex layer provides an immensely supportive core that is naturally breathable and totally hypoallergenic.

•Horsehair tail- this is one of the most highly prized materials in the upholstery industry. It has long been used in mattress making for its incredible resilience and superior spring. We needle the horsehair tail onto a hessian backing which provides extra strength and protection for the springs whilst still allowing flexibility for independent movement.

•Mohair and bamboo and are all from environmentally conscious sources and biodegradable.
•Organic cotton- All our organic cotton sheets and bedding are certified in accordance with GOTS by the Soil Association.

•Cashmere- one of the softest fibres available, cashmere is the ultimate in luxury natural fibres. The soft spring provided by cashmere gives an added dimension of comfort. Like wool, cashmere has inherent properties of ventilation and insulation but the quality of the fibre helps to create the most sumptuous mattress in our range.

These raw materials are combined to create a truly green product made by a British company.

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