Monday, 6 July 2009

Say goodnight to sleep deprivation

With Naturalmat and Naturally Nurturing Sleep Clinic.

Most new parents believe that sleep deprivation comes automatically with parenthood. Many parents spend long hours – at all hours - walking the floor with their baby. They soothe, feed, and go the extra mile on little or no sleep to comfort their crying baby, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

As the leading experts in baby mattresses Naturalmat is the one to go to for your products to help your little one sleep well at night, and now that our Chireal Shallow at Naturally Nurturing has joined forces with Naturalmat we are the one stop shop for all your bedtime bothers.

The first month of life, baby needs roughly 16 hours of sleep each day; at three months old, baby needs 15 hours of sleep. At this age, an infant’s sleep cycles usually consist of only 50-60 minutes. That means the majority of the time they are sleeping, they are sleeping lightly enough to be woken.

By the time baby is about 4 months old, he or she should be sleeping between 6-8 hours a night. At 6 months, that number rises to between 10-12 hours and stays there through the toddler years.

With Naturalmat's products and our second to none sleep advice we can ensure we will help you put an end to sleep struggles and bedtime battles to kiss sleep deprivation goodnight.

Chireal Shallow

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