Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Sleep Well, Whilst Away from Home

Have a more a comfortable nights sleep whilst away from home with a 100% natural fibre Travel Mat for your baby from Natural Mat.
We are all aware that whilst away from home our normal sleeping pattern can change. Imagine what affect this type of sleep deprivation could have on your baby, and of course you and your holiday. The way to prevent this is with a comfortable nights rest.

One of the main causes of sleep deprivation is the sleeping environment’s temperature. Like with adults, the environment can affect the quality of a babies’ sleep, and therefore it is important to keep it as close to a normal room temperature as possible. One way to do this is to use natural materials in sleeping products, such as mattresses and bedding, as they are more breathable and therefore maximise the ventilation.

The new lightweight Travel Mat from Natural Mat is an ideal way to do this, as it uses natural lambswool to create a natural sleep for your baby away from home. It is a lightweight quilted mattress, perfect for using in travel cots for holidays and weekends away. It provides a comfortable natural fibre overlay to your child’s travel cot ensuring they get the best night’s sleep even when they are away. The Travel Mat comes complete with a Pure Cotton Drawstring Travel Bag to make it even easier to use.

The Travel Mat is filled with deep tufted organic lambswool, which is a thermal insulator that renders it anti-dustmite and naturally fire retardant for your own piece of mind. Not only this, the lambwool is bathed in essential oils of lemon, eucalyptus and lavender. There is a core of organic coir fibre to enhance the ventilation and give a little extra spring. It is covered with pure unbleached cotton making it very breathable and perfect for all climates. It’s light, easy to carry and rolls up neatly into a pure unbleached cotton duffle bag, making travelling with a baby easy.

The Natural Mat Company has expanded its range of 100% natural alternatives your nursery essentials. The Travel Mat is just one of the many products that are available from the made-to-measure natural mattress service. The Travel Mat is available from, and in their London store 99 Talbot Road W11 2AT. Tel: 020 7985 0474


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