Monday, 18 April 2011


So Good Friday is almost upon us and nowadays the main thing that that we all associate with the Easter break is the fact that it is perfectly acceptable for us to consume a ridiculous amount of chocolate.

But hopefully there are a few other things that you should remember at this incredibly beautiful time of year. Along with better weather also comes a time when a lot of new life finally starts to appear. You must have noticed the trees starting to blossom or maybe spared a thought for the new chicks that might be hatching (that’s real eggs, not the chocolate ones. We know what you were thinking).

You may have even caught a glimpse of Lambing Live, and the fact that these gorgeous little lambs are being born is very good news for not only Naturalmat but you as well! It means we get a new supply of fantastic, locally sourced, organic wool! In fact we’re planning a trip to our Devon farms very soon. We can’t wait to meet these precious little bundles of joy and we may even help out with some of the shearing.

So in honour of our new lambswool supply, why not have a look at some of the best Naturalmat items for this season?

The Naturalmat top three for this week are:

  1. Combi Sleeping Bags, FROM £68

This really is the sleeping bag for all seasons and is possibly the safest and most practical sleeping bag on the market. The Combi Sleeper consists of two parts - a lightweight sleeveless inner bag and a heavier weight outer bag with detachable sleeves. You can cleverly zip the two bags together for a snuggly winter sleeping bag. There is also a handy hole for feeding a pram or car seat strap through, so your baby or toddler can sleep through even if you are out and about.

Combi Sleeping Bag

  1. Devon Duvets Summer Weight Duvets, FROM £97

All wool used in Devon Duvets is sourced from British Farmers. The wool is cleaned and processed locally. The cotton casing regulates body temperature making it truly breathable. Get the 4-7 tog summer weight to make sure that you don’t get too hot under the collar.

Devon Duvets

  1. Naturalmat Lambswool Adult Mattress, FROM £1100

This is our most popular composition as it provides medium support; this oh-so comfortable mattress consists of layers of sumptuous organic coir, organic latex and organic lambswool. And to top it all off, its completely chemical free.

Lambswool Adult Mattress

So beat the rush and pick up these fantastic items today!


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