Monday, 6 June 2011

Lavender Chicks

We've got a new item for sale at Naturalmat. Have you seen our very sweet Lavender Chicks? These lavender and wheat filled cuties simply need a squeeze to refresh their calming lavender fragrance. They contain no synthetic fragrance, just lavender and wheat. These chickie's will remain fragrant for over two years and are handmade from lambswool fabric. Each chick has a different pattern on either side and is finished off with a leather beak, chunky plaited legs and hand stitched eyes. Our Lavender Chicks make a great gift and now come in a recycled cardboard box.
These beauties are available in a number of colours including oat and strawberry, jade and piccalilli dot.

Pick up your very own hot chick today.

Lavender chicks can be bought here for only £24.00.


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