Thursday, 7 July 2011

Naturalmat launch new baby cashmere mat

Finally the news you that have all been waiting for- Naturalmat have created a new baby mattress!

The Baby Cashmere Mat contains an organic coir core, of which the coconuts used are grown sustainably on fair trade farms. The organic coir is surrounded by cashmere, mohair and layers of organic lambswool.

The cashmere used works to insulate in the winter and keep children cool during the summer. This helps to dissipate moisture and perspiration away from the body ensuring that babies get the rest that they really need.

Naturalmat's organic lambswool is treated with essential oils which provide dust mite protection and the purple piping around the mattress adds a touch of colour and makes it look positively regal!

The Baby Cashmere Mat available in two sizes:

60x 120cm = £325

70 x 140cm = £425

This new product will be apprearing on very soon, so keep checking for updates.


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