Monday, 22 August 2011

Australian Exports

In August 1770, Australia was claimed under the British crown when Captain James Cook landed there, and although a lot has changed since Cook’s time, there are still so many reasons to take a fancy to the land down under. After all what’s not to love about the country that brought us great things such as Vegemite, Kylie Minogue and Neighbours? Now Naturalmat have found another reason why we should all invest in all things Australian- the Naturalmat Australian Merino Lambskin Fleece.
This wonderfully soft Australian lambskin fleece is integral to making your child’s crib, cot or pram into a much more comfortable and luxurious one and sit can even be used as a safe play mat on the floor.
Fleece has wonderful insulation properties which mean that in the winter your baby is kept warm yet cool in the warmer months.
At Naturalmat, we know that practicality is the most important thing when it comes to nursery items. Lucky Naturalmat are ahead of the game and when you purchase Naturalmat Fleece Shampoo, should this cosy fleece get dirty, it can be machine washed and back in action in no time. Finally, there’s no need to get a guilty conscious about wrapping your baby up in this great fleece because it has been tanned using an environmentally friendly tanning process and is free from any harmful chemicals, heavy metals and chrome.
The Naturalmat Australian Merino Lambskin Fleece is available to buy at £49.00 Naturalmat Fleece Shampoo costs £6.15 Buy yours here


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