Monday, 8 August 2011

Stokke® Bounce ‘n’ Sleep launches at Naturalmat

If you are looking to provide the ultimate care for your new arrival then look no further than the Stokke® Bounce ‘n’ Sleep now available from Naturalmat.

The innovative new Bounce ‘n’ Sleep combines a bouncer and a daybed to create a functional stylish product that promises to become a future design classic and the essential item for any new parent.

The product promotes the bond between parent and baby by keeping the child at eye level whilst you are relaxing on the sofa or working hard at your desk. Unlike traditional baby bouncers that can only be placed on the floor, the Bounce ‘n’ Sleep is unique because the bouncer can be placed in the daybed or carried as you move around, allowing you to keep your baby close to you at all times, maintaining constant eye contact and building those crucial lines of communication.

The baby is free to watch as you work, knowing that you are nearby which provides comfort and security for the baby and peace of mind for you whilst you carry out your daily chores.

The bouncer reclines at the optimum 30° seating angle which is perfect for babies that suffer from reflux and can also fully recline into a flat sleeping position. The bouncer boasts soft built- in carry handles which helps you move your sleeping angel out of harms way whilst you tackle your daily tasks.

The daybed can host the bouncer in both 30° and flat resting angles and provides a rocking motion that soothes and encourages a restful sleep.

Not only designed and developed to cater for you and your baby’s ever changing needs, it also boasts a chic and contemporary design fit for modern urban living.

Stay ahead of the crowd with this latest must-have product and be sure to turn other parents green whilst the Bounce ‘n’ Sleep effortlessly eases your stresses away.

· 30° seating angle (perfect for reflux babies)
· Washable textiles and a soft cocooning liner embrace your sleeping baby
· Flat recline function ensures a healthy sleeping position and a seamless transition from awake to sleep
· Soft carry handles allow easy transportation around the home
· Toy hanger for that favourite toy – encourages motor and visual development

Daybed -
· Suitable from birth to around 6 months
· Can be used with bouncer in active, 30° position and flat resting position
· Soft, stylish design to compliment any modern home
· Washable fabrics inside and out
· Fitted with an easy to use 5-point safety harness
· Mesh inner textile and perforated base allow optimum air circulation.

Bounce 'n' Sleep Bouncer £169.00

Bounce 'n' Sleep Daybed £134.00

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