Monday, 17 October 2011

Meet the Team Part 3

Full name: Andrew Hall

A bit about me:

I gained the skills necessary for my role through training on the job initially at the British Water Bed Company. I later became a self-employed upholsterer and started doing work for Naturalmat Director Mark Tremlett. I eventually came to work directly for the company over three years ago. Outside of work my hobbies include archery, running, cycling, and swimming. I also enjoy climbing and spending time with my children.

My usual day:

My my specialist skills lie in mattress making and upholstery. At the moment I’m working on a sample of a split double adult mattress with a mattress topper. I spend the hours cutting and sewing fabric to make the full range of adult and marine mattresses. I think there are a lot of nice people that work within Naturalmat. I especially like the fact that I can plan my own working day too. There is a relaxed working atmosphere here and a sense of flexibility.

What is your favourite item within the Naturalmat catalogue?

I really like entire adult mattress range. I think it’s because I really enjoy making the mattress handles so much!


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