Tuesday, 21 August 2012

What Makes The Best Baby Mattress?

There is a lot of information out there about what makes the best baby mattresses, some of it can be conflicting; one thing most new parents can agree on: when it comes to their new baby, natural is better.

One thing is not debatable, and that is the materials found in a Naturalmat's natural fibre mattress are 100% eco and organic. The base material for our mattresses is coir. One of the most common questions we hear is,' What is coir?'

This is the outer husk of the coconut. When we decided to create a better baby mattress, we put a lot of thought into the materials used. We needed something on the inside that was firm for good support, yet also 100% breathable, since our goal was to create a mattress where air could pass through the entire mattress, creating a safe environment for baby. We also wanted something that would prevent overheating. Coir is the perfect solution.

To make the core of our Naturalmat mattresses, we strip the coir from the coconut; soak it in water for many weeks to break down the fibre, and then bond it together in a thick mat. This coir mat is strong enough to supports a baby’s weight without sagging, and it's extremely breathable. We even use 100% organic coir, grown in the world’s only organic coconut plantation, making us the only company in the world to offer a mattress with certified organic coir.

A breathable mattress helps to regulate body temperature. When we overheat, we perspire to cool ourselves down. If your baby is lying on a non-breathable coated mattress, this could encourage perspiration which then results in feeling uncomfortable and a change body temperature. This often results in not only the child waking but often both parents. Ultimately leading to an interrupted night of sleep for the whole family. When morning breaks you are left with truly grumpy and sleep deprived parents.

The coir used within a Naturalmat  mattress is extremely breathable, keeping body temperature a stable level as well as keeping baby dry and cosy, resulting in a good night's sleep and a much happier household. Remember a good night for baby means a good night for parents.

Our mattresses can be bought online at http://www.naturalmat.co.uk/ or by phone on 020 7985 0474. If you're in London pop into our Notting Hill store where all Naturalmat mattresses are now on display.

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  1. Mattress as comfortable as this are not only designed for babies, we adults should also pay attention to the mattress we use because it plays a big part in our sleep. It is advised to consider the bedroom lighting, design and mattress. Always make sure to get proper amount of sleep every night, it helps us a lot in achieving optimal health.


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