Monday, 1 October 2012

Naturalmat Help Launch YO! Home

We have recently joined forces with YO! to help launch their latest project- YO! Home. This addition to the YO! empire aims to revolutionise homes and the way we live. YO! Home is the house for the 21st Century and they called upon Naturalmat to create an organic mattress for the 21st Century.  YO! Home was exhibited at 100% Design during 19- 22 September and certainly impressed all who saw it.  

YO! Home was made of 12 moving parts which transformed an 80 square metre space (the size of a one bedroom apartment) into a much bigger home. When the prototype of YO! Home was revealed at 100% Design, was the very first time any eyes had ever been laid on the project. The master bedroom was the pièce de résistance of YO! Home which lowered from above to cover a sunken sitting room, revealing an impressively decorated, not to mention very large bed.

The YO! Home mattress was truly cutting edge but made using traditional materials, including a coir core (a derivative of the coconut husk). This sustainable material greatly enhanced the ventilation and spring of the mattress and is great example of Naturalmat’s intelligent use of renewable natural resources. All mattress components combined to create a green product made by a great British company.

YO! understand that environmental impact should always be taken into account and this one of the key reasons why Simon Woodroffe approached Naturalmat to work on this exciting new project. Naturalmat were able to create a lavish bed, which was eye catching, cosy and above all had the environment at the heart of its design.

This is not the first time that Naturalmat and YOTEL have worked together. YO! founder, Simon Woodroffe sleeps on a Naturalmat mattress on his Thames houseboat and Naturalmat are the creative brains behind the clever design of the comfortable and convertible beds found within a YOTEL cabin. 

Last year Naturalmat successfully won the contract to manufacture all mattresses for YOTEL’s first city centre opening in New York City, which was the largest new hotel to open in New York in 2011. 

Want to see more? Simply watch this video to see exactly how the YO! Home works. 


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