Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Sleep Tight at the Magdalen Chapter Hotel

Did you know that Naturalmat manufactured all mattresses for the new Magdalen Chapter Hotel in Exeter? Its true all mattresses were made only a few miles away from the hotel at our nearby factory in Topsham, Devon. 

Chapter Hotels focus on providing guests with a luxurious, inviting and restful experience in thoughtfully designed spaces with high quality furnishings; they saw the mattresses as an important part of that offering and turned us to supply them with locally sourced handmade organic bedding.

At Naturalmat, we are pioneers in natural fibre technology and have developed innovative new raw materials such as organic wool, (sourced from farms nearby West Country farms) cashmere and horsetail, all from environmentally conscious sources and all biodegradable.

Magdalen Chapter General Manager Fiona Moores said; “Not only is the product from Naturalmat a truly green product made by a local company but more importantly it is anti-dust mite, anti-bedbug and anti-moth, through a natural treatment of essential oil extracts of lemon, eucalyptus and lavender. They are also incredibly comfortable; the sustainable material greatly enhances the ventilation and spring of the mattress.”

In case you didn't know Naturalmat was founded in 2000 in Topsham in Devon, by Mark Tremlett and Peter Tindall, who as keen sailors both became frustrated with the poor quality of synthetic mattresses found on boats. They looked for an alternative and found natural fibres to be a more superior substitute for boating and quickly developed a business making mattresses. They then developed a natural offering for babies, then adults and in 2011 began exporting internationally to some of the world’s best hotels.
“Sustainability is a buzz word in this market, at the moment and those products and businesses that can prove their eco credentials and have a genuinely sustainable business model are in high demand’, said Director of Naturalmat, Peter Tindall. “A fully green and eco mattress made entirely from sustainable raw materials is a necessary item for the hotel industry and we are delighted that The Magdalen Chapter has come to us. Superb comfort that is long lasting and consistently good must be a given in any good quality mattress, but it is the attention to extra detail that set a Naturalmat mattress apart and will give guests at this leading Devon hotel one of their best night’s sleep.”

Book a night at the Magdalen Chapter and test our mattresses out for yourself, or get a great night's sleep at home on a Naturalmat mattress every night. Our mattresses can be bought from London shop at 99 Talbot Road, London W11 2AT. Tel: 020 7985 0474 or look online at www.naturalmathotel.co.uk to see our full range of hotel mattresses.


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