Monday, 15 October 2012

The Right Mattress for Every Child

New parents are always anxious about the health of their baby and want to ensure that their child sleeps as safely and comfortably as possible. This is why choosing the right mattress for a newborn is a critical decision. At Naturalmat we offer a wide range of organic mattresses that are made from natural materials and we sell a number of types of baby mattresses, including the Coco Mat, the Latex Mat, the Mohair Mat and ever our Travel Mat.
In case you didn't know our organic mattresses are made with the world's finest natural materials, including organic coir, latex and organic cotton. All of which are healthier and much more functional than synthetics  We use the highest quality raw materials to make the most comfortable, breathable and best non-allergenic mattresses. 
Naturalmat mattresses can be bought through our website or at our Notting Hill shop located at 99 Talbot Road, London, W11 2AT. Pop by our store to view all of our mattresses, find great ranges of nursery furniture, organic bedding and get a few ideas about the perfect baby shower gift.

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  1. Great sharing! It will help my sister to find comfortable and right Mattress for her baby. I want to use this moment to say that I really love this blog. Thank you so much


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