Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Brand New Fabulous Goose Very Cosy Blankets and Cushions

Fab Goose is all about natural and gracefully designed Scandinavian products. Their blankets and cushions are all about fun and above all great design at a fair price. They were a must order item and now you can buy all of the below from our Notting Hill store or online
Fairytale Forest Knitted Blanket 
(from £50)
We love the vibrant colours used on this premium quality knitted blanket. Fab Goose make this blanket by pre washing it and then steaming it into shape. They guarantee that the blanket will not shrink, fade or change shape. A must have!

Pure Blanket (£53)
There is certainly nothing fake about the natural nature of this lovely cotton blanket from Fabulous Goose. You will fall in love with this cute design.

Repeated Bambi Blanket (from £50)
Your newborn will love the look and feel of this repeated Bambi print cotton blanket from Fabulous Goose and will certainly bring back some nostalgic memories for you.

Fabulous Goose Cushions (£65)
Finally we've got just the thing to match your new and oh so adorable Fabulous Goose blanket. These adorable, matching and colourful cushions.

View the full Fab Goose range here or give us a call on 020 7985 0474 to place your order.


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