Monday, 17 August 2009

Monday Monday

Typically, Mondays is not everyone's favourite days. After weekends like the one just gone when we all get reminded that it is indeed still summer, (easy to forget when wool is still featuring in the front of my closet) getting motivated back into work is about as easy as motivating yourself to go on that 1 hour run you committed to after the second helping of Sunday pudding.

A glimpse out of the window inspires pains of jelousy to all of those strolling by. How on Earth do they make a living? What fantastic job allows all of the wanderers bellow to stride past so carelessly taking in the sunshine on the most dreaded of days?? Perhaps they are victims of the global recession. Surely even the unemployed will wake up late and smirk remembering the Monday blues while they decide to have breakfast in bed.

Here at Naturalmat, we have decided to rebel against the Mondays (well, at least for this week.) One of our co-founders Peter decided to keep quiet about his Birthday today, but in a small office secrets are short-lived.

We are having a Birthday Party!!
Snuck off to Hummingbird for cupcakes and candles, (red velvet, yummm! :P) and Eva used her calligraphy skills to make a lovely card. Whether Peter likes it or not (we do hope he does) its a celebration! Monday blues? Pah! We're having tea and cupcakes. And from the cool inside of the office, with the sun streaming in, we will not have to worry about melted frosting, overcrowded parks or skin damage.

In hopes to motivated more of you, what are you doing to make your Monday more exciting? Inside an office or wandering free, let's get some tips!

Gotta love Mondays!

Marilyn @ Naturalmat


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