Thursday, 13 August 2009

Summer Lovin'

The summer months tend to be the time when work is put on the back burner and (surely if you live in England,) our heads are filled with holidays, sunshine and hot weather.

For those who decided to go eco-chic this year and stay local, the promising summer forecast that the lovely weather woman on GMTV gave has not held up. Plans for BBQ's, and Pimms in the park has been somewhat washed out (quite literally!)

Here in the Naturalmat headquarters, it seems that many of us have planned our holidays last minute thinking we would be enjoying a sunny local summer only to wake up to clouds day after day.

So while I am escaping to the Middle East (yes, I would like to roast please), our brand manager Eva is escaping to the Greek island Skiathos, and our store manager is off the Morocco for surfing! As hard as we tried, embracing the British summer this year just hasn't happening - as guilty as our green consciences may feel.

In the meantime, watching the raindrops slide down the window staring out onto the sad streets of Notting Hill just waiting for its annual weekend of fun, we can't help but notice just how many people have planned ahead and fled the country. Credit crunch? We think not.

For those of you who planned ahead and ignored the recession bells, swine-flu craze and all other obstacles we salute you. Perhaps you are away right now, perhaps you are lying on a beach, feet in the sand with the sound of your little ones making sand castles off in the distance.

Perhaps you are smart like our co-founder Mark who just strolled into the office today tanned and smiley from his family trip to Croatia.

Wherever you are or however you have escaped (or not) we would love to hear your experiences of summer so far this year. Any swine-flu hold ups? How do you handle traveling with the little ones? Let us know.


Marilyn@ Naturalmat


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