Friday, 6 August 2010

Amazon Bridge Opens Rainforest to Development

The new bridge is designed to connect the undeveloped towns but can it is be achieved without damaged the world greatest rainforest?

The new Manaus-Iranduba Bridge will be whopping 3,595m long, when completed in November will be a quicker and more convenient free alternative. Currently crossing the river by ferry can reportedly take half an hour and cost up to R100 (about £37).

The Bridge is one of many proposed developments in the rainforest in order to bring more economic opportunities for Amazonas by connecting more remote areas such as Iranduba, Manacapuru and Novo AirĂ£o. It is a welcoming addition for local people and their politicians.

However Scientists, environmentalists and campaigners question whether it can be completed without damaging the world famous Amazon Rainforest. Some claim the bridge will be a repeat of the BR-364 Highway built in the 1980s, which resulted in large deforestation. 75% of Amazon deforestation happens near to roads to allow access for loggers. This coupled with other developments such as new gas pipelines, roads and rising populations, could open up the rainforest to further destruction. It is difficult to see how this development cannot have a negative impact on the Rainforest.

This development is estimated to cost $400m and will be toll-free.

To read the Guardian's story click here


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