Monday, 7 March 2011

Itching for a new mattress?

Did you know that the lambswool contained with Naturalmat mattresses is treated with essential oils? Breyner scientists have created a bio-active special treatment that consists of lemon juice, eucalyptus and lavender. The lambswool is bathed in the essential oil treatment which renders the mattress anti-dust mite and hypo allergenic- so even the most sensitive of skin won’t be irritated.

Our mattresses are made of all natural materials so you can trust us when we say that no chemicals are used during their creation.

The Naturalmat Latex mat is our most hypo allergenic mattress as the latex is naturally anti-microbial so mites and bacteria cannot live within it.

And best of all is that theses essential oils help to combat sore subject of the moment- BED BUGS!

So stop scratching your head. It just makes sense to have a Naturalmat mattress.

View the Naturalmat latex mat here.


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