Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Top 5 Naturalmat ‘must haves’

Here at Naturalmat we understand that it’s important for expectant mothers to be prepared for the arrival of their baby. We have come up with our top five Naturalmat ‘must have’ products that every new mum should stock up on.

1. Bloom Coco Rocker- £133

The Bloom Coco Rocker is one of our favourites. There's no better way to calm your baby and give you a little break too? Babies love the smooth rocking motion and you will love the modern design the fact that it’s easy to clean. The padded safety harness can be adjusted to accommodate your growing baby.

2. A Rosa Rocking Horse- £178.75

The Rosa Rocking horse would look good in any home. Not only does its creative design make it look oh so chic but it’s safe as well. This rocking horse will provide your child with endless fun, fuel their imagination and is the ultimate finishing touch to any nursery.

3. Pure Cotton Waffle Blanket- from £28.60

Blankets are an essential item for swaddling newborns. Our pure cotton waffle blankets are soft, versatile and fit cribs and cots perfectly.

4. Merino Sleeping Bag- £56.95

A Naturalmat Merino Sleeping Bag will really keep the chill off your little one. This sleeping bag is comfortable and portable as well, so your baby is able to get the best possible rest, even away from home. The merino wool relegates your baby’s temperature so it can be used in any season. This is definitely one item that your child won’t grow out of too quickly!

5. Silver Spoon Crib Pack- £475.00

This gift pack contains everything you need for your newborn, plus a little extra! It includes a Willow crib and mattress, Willow crib stand, Willow crib bumper, Naturalmat cotton percale flat sheets, Naturalmat cotton cellular blanket, Australian merino fleece and a beautiful cot mobile- all for a fantastic price!

Get ahead of the game and get all of these great Naturalmat items today!


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