Wednesday, 30 March 2011

The Perfect Mother's Day

Don’t forget its Mother’s Day this Sunday. You may be a little stumped for ideas so let Naturalmat help paint a picture of what our ideal Mother’s Day would contain…

The day would start with a delicious breakfast in bed, lying on a Naturalmat Pocket Sprung Mattress. I would be cosily and wrapped up in a Devon Duvets summer duvet and my bed would be styled with a beautiful Mondo Spot Lambswool Blanket.

My loving family would then show me the handmade gifts that they had made. I would also receive Naturalmat eco friendly cards, a bunch of my favourite flowers and box of yummy chocolates.

Once I had finished with my tasty breakfast, my loving family would do the washing up and make sure that I didn’t have to do any cleaning. I would walk around a home that was truly spotless.

My husband would run me a warm bubble bath and I would have a good soak until I got too wrinkly.

I would get dressed and be prepared for a Mother's Day full of surprises.

I would go on a countryside walk with the family and would be treated to a filling pub lunch along the way. I wouldn’t have driven so I could enjoy a glass (or two) of my favourite wine.

After a fun afternoon filled with fresh air, exercise and good food, I would arrive home and definitely wouldn’t have to think about dinner. My husband would get to work in the kitchen and cook me my favourite kind of food- Mexican!

Whilst my husband was cooking up a storm, I would put my feet up and spend time with my children relaxing in front of a good Disney film.

Later in the evening my husband would make sure that the children had every thing ready school and we would help each other get the kids ready for bed.

My husband would give me a goodnight kiss when we got back into our comfy Naturalmat bed and before drifting off into a deep sleep, I would think about how truly thankful I am for my great family and how I had just had the best Mother’s Day ever.

If you want to make sure Mum has the best Mothers Day ever, the best place to start is Naturalmat!

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