Thursday, 7 April 2011

National Allergy Week

National Allergy Week commences 11 April and in order increase your allergy knowledge Naturalmat has come up with some helpful information on how you could prevent future allergic reactions.

The use of synthetic mattresses can often cause allergic reactions, as well as breathing problems. Luckily Naturalmat mattresses are anti dust mite and made from non-allergic materials. This is exactly why our number one suggestion for how to keep your family protected from allergy outbreaks is to start sleeping on not only a safe but incredibly comfortable organic Naturalmat mattress.

Naturalmat mattresses are made from high quality natural raw materials which makes them long lasting. The natural materials used include organic coir, latex and lambswool, and let’s not forget that that the luxurious Naturalmat adult mattress range really is truly fit for royalty.

One of our favourite items is the Naturalmat Luxe Pocket Adult Mattress. Hand nested pocket springs surround the best natural fibres available, including horsehair and cashmere, organic latex and organic lambswool. This mattress is amazingly comfortable and can be fine tuned to provide soft, medium or firm support.

Our celebrity client list proves why Naturalmat truly are the very best in the business. Halle Berry, Maggie Gyllenhall and Gwyneth Paltrow all love to use Naturalmat products.

And if you think that we’ve told you all the facts about why our mattresses are just so fantastic then think again. Naturalmat mattresses are eco-friendly as well as breathable.

The natural materials used within our mattresses not only make them incredibly comfortable but they also absorb moisture, so your skin is kept cool and dry. Meaning that you finally get the good night’s sleep that you deserve.

You can choose your own Naturalmat mattress right now at and whilst you’re having a look around, why not also look at the other great items available from Naturalmat including our organic bedding and furniture?

Prices for Naturalmat Luxe Pocket Mattresses start at £960.00


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