Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Daydream the day away

Can you believe it has been 20 years since Sheffield born Helen Sharman became first British woman in space? So many children before her spent their childhood’s daydreaming about exploring the universe and without dreaming about it initially, Helen may have never been motivated enough to volunteer for such an exciting adventure.

It just proves that children need to be given the opportunity to dream and make sure your children dream comfortably on an organic Naturalmat Latex Mat.

Our Latex Mat offers medium support, safety and excellent breathability. It consists of organic coir, organic latex foam, organic lambswool tufting and is hypo allergenic, not to mention provides great orthopaedic support.

Of course we have to mention that just like all of our children’s organic mattresses; the Naturalmat Latex Mat has a natural and machine washable cotton cover and is completely chemical free.

So make sure your little monster gets the best nights sleep each and every time they drift off. You never know you may have the future version of Neil Armstrong sleeping under your roof.

The Naturalmat Latex Mat is available from £125. Buy yours here.


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