Monday, 16 May 2011

International Day of Families

On 15 May the world celebrated the International Day of Families. The theme for 2011 was ‘Family: resources and responsibilities in a changing world’. At Naturalmat, we agree that special attention should be paid to our families. We live in a completely different world compared to the generation before us. We now have much more developed opinions regarding equality between women and men within families, whether this is on the subject of sharing of domestic responsibilities or employment opportunities.

So what does Naturalmat have to say about International Families Day? We agree that you really should make a special effort. You may come to realise that you may take your loved ones for granted from time to time. Although we all bound to be part of family disagreement at some point, we need to realise that our families are the people who shape our lives and make us into who we really are. So why not do some family bonding? Take part in a great family activity such as playing games or going for a walk. Later in the day why not curl up with your loved ones on the sofa and watch a film or read your children a story. Make sure they’re cosy, comfortable and wrapped up in a Naturalmat Cotton Waffle Blanket. This essential nursery item blanket is made entirely out of incredibly soft cotton. Although it’s basic, we think it’s versatile. It’s perfect for the crib, cot and for swaddling newborns.

So take notice of how great your family is, you may just realise how truly lucky you really are.

The Pure Cotton Waffle Blanket (prices from £28.60) is available to buy here and in our London store 99 Talbot Road W11 2AT. Tel: 020 7985 0474


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