Monday, 5 September 2011

Relief for Asthma Sufferers

Scientists have come across a potential new treatment for delayed asthma attacks, which can often occur several hours after exposure to allergens. Researchers found that blocking sensory nerve functions stopped a late asthmatic response in mice and rats. These results have helped scientists to gain a greater understanding of asthma, especially as half of people with asthma experience delayed symptoms.

A late asthmatic response happens because allergens trigger sensory nerves in the airways. These nerves then set off a chain reaction which causes the airways to narrow. If these findings translate to humans, it will mean that drugs called anticholinergics could be used to treat asthma patients who suffer from delayed attacks.

Asthma attacks can often happen at night, three to eight hours after the sufferer comes into contact with allergens such as grass pollen or house-dust mites.

However, until these new findings are translated in humans there is something else that can be used that would greatly benefit asthma suffers. Naturalmat has harboured the benefits of organic wool and used these to create a range of organic mattresses that are superbly comfortable, breathable anti-bed bug, and most importantly for asthma suffers, offer protection from dust mites.

Synthetic mattresses often contain materials and chemicals that can aggravate allergies. However, using a mattress that contains natural resources ensures that allergic reactions are avoided and a healthier product overall is created.

Naturalmat mattresses are naturally hypoallergenic, due to the essential oils that their organic lambswool is bathed in. This proprietary mixture is made from extracts of lavender, lemon and eucalyptus and renders Naturalmat mattresses anti-bed bug and anti-dust mite.

As an extra benefit the outer cover of Naturalmat mattresses are removable and machine washable at 60°C. When the cover is washed at this temperature, any dust mites that may be present are killed.

Natualmat sell several children’s organic mattress varieties including the Coco Mat (prices from £120), Latex Mat (prices from £150) and Mohair Mat (prices from £185). A broad range of adult mattresses are also available from £825.

Naturalmat organic mattresses are is just a few of the many products available from this eco-friendly British company. Naturalmat mattresses can be bought from, and our their London store 99 Talbot Road W11 2AT. Tel: 020 7985 0474


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