Monday, 12 September 2011

Meet the Naturalmat Team Part 1

Here at Naturalmat we thought our customers may want to understand a bit more about what we do on a daily basis, and more importantly who the key members of our team are that are responsible for creating our fantastic products. Over the next few weeks the Naturalmat blog is going to be dedicated to intrducing the team. Welcome to Part 1 and we hope you enjoy learning a bit more about us.

Name: Annie Cudmore

A bit about me:

I was born near Plymouth and I’ve had an interest in machining since I left school. Outside of work I love shopping, socialising and listening to music.

An average working day:

I’ve worked as a cutter for Naturalmat for about 12 months now. My day normally starts with picking up the days purchase orders from the production manager Colin Bray. Colin usually provides me any important details about the orders and cutting instructions before I get started. I then review the deadlines for each item and prioritise my day accordingly. Throughout the day you will usually find me either cutting the material or sat behind my machine happily sewing away and singing along to the radio. It’s great that the tasks I’m given at can vary greatly from day to day. This can range from creating something for hoteliers, to our UK and USA baby ranges or possibly making samples to be used at trade shows.

My colleague Chris Rose and I are very close and work well as a team. We help each other out when it’s needed and she is just the type of person that that you would want sat next to each day at work. I really enjoy my days at Naturalmat and like that we deal with a broad range of products. I’ve been taught quite a bit by my colleague Andrew, in terms of different sewing techniques are best to use when creating items for marine customers. Most of the team arrange to take our breaks together. We all have gotten to know each other really well throughout the year and are able to have a joke with one another, which keeps things fun and interesting until it’s time to go home. We’re all kept well informed of the level of demand of requests and if needs be I’m happy to stay later in the evening to make sure that I am on target and all orders are delivered on time.

What is your favourite item within the Naturalmat catalogue?

I would definitely recommend the travel mat. I’m always talking about how great it is and that people should have a look at it on the Naturalmat website. I especially like the fact that it’s made from natural fibres, compared to other baby travel mattresses on the market which can be made from synthetic materials and offer poor breathability.


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