Monday, 9 July 2012

Hoteliers Fail to Identify Most Important Item within Hotel Rooms

The principal reason why most of us check into a hotel in cash strapped times a chance to get a decent night’s sleep whilst away from home. However we often hear complaints from our friends upon their return regarding their unsatisfactory hotel experiences. One of the most common issues being that the bed they slept on was uncomfortable. Hoteliers need to realise that the most important item within any hotel room is the bed and more attention should be paid when choosing a new mattress. Innovative Devon based mattress manufacturer Naturalmat think that they have the solution to these complaints. Hoteliers should opt for environmentally responsible, organic, handmade and above all comfortable mattresses.

Naturalmat are pioneers in natural fibre technology and have developed the perfect natural sleeping environment from creative new raw materials such as Soil Association organic lambswool, which is anti-dust mite, anti mosquito and anti-moth, through a natural treatment using extracts of lemon, eucalyptus and lavender; and unbleached cotton mattress covers which are guaranteed anti bed bug. Another exciting component is organic coir fibre, a derivative of the coconut husk. This sustainable material greatly enhances the ventilation and spring of the mattress and is another example of intelligent use of renewable natural resources. Other sumptuous materials found within a Naturalmat Hotel mattress are mohair, cashmere, horsetail hair and bamboo from environmentally conscious sources and all biodegradable that combine to create a truly green products made by a great British company.

Naturalmat mattresses provide superb comfort that is long lasting and numerous hoteliers have called upon them recently. At the beginning of 2011 Naturalmat successfully won the contract to manufacture all 686 mattresses for Yotel New York City, as well as make all mattresses contained within Z Hotel Soho and Victoria. Naturalmat have worked with other high profile clients in the past including The Connaught, Claridges and several boutique hotels.

'The single most important thing in any hotel room is the bed, and what makes a great bed is a great mattress. The perfect mattress is one that is extremely comfortable, sumptuously supportive, long lasting and consistently good. It is the mattress that will give the hotel guest the definitive ‘wow’ factor. A well made mattress will have high quality natural fillings, be robustly made by hand and offer excellent support, breatheability, ventilation and insulation, and ideally offer hypo allergenic benefits as well. The very best mattresses will be all this, manufactured from fully sustainable raw materials, organically sourced where possible and produced by environmentally conscious companies,' says Peter Tindall, Naturalmat Company Director.  

Look online at to see Naturalmat's full range of hotel mattresses or call 0207 985 0474 for more information. 

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