Monday, 2 July 2012

Z Hotels Are Bed Bug Free

It has been said that any London hotelier who says that they do not have a bed bug problem has got their head under the covers. However in the case of Z Hotels this statement is actually true. So what makes this hotelier so different from the rest? The answer is that all Z Hotel rooms contain Naturalmat anti bed bug mattresses. 

Innovative Devon based mattress manufacturer Naturalmat successfully won the contract to manufacture all 93 organic mattresses for Z Hotel Soho, as well as all mattresses for their Victoria and Liverpool hotels. Z Hotels have also looked to Naturalmat to provide them with organic bedding including Naturalmat’s fantastically designed mattress protectors.

Naturalmat use a unique chemical free treatment that is based on geraniol in the final finishing of all its mattress covers. In tests this revolutionary process has proven to eliminate any bed bug that comes into contact with the cover within 72 hours, which will guarantee peace of mind for both guest and hotelier. 

In addition to Naturalmat mattress covers being anti bed bug, the organic West Country wool used within all Naturalmat mattresses is anti dust mite, anti moth and anti mosquito. This is achieved through a treatment of essential oils including lemon, eucalyptus and lavender, which is added to the lambswool during the scouring process in Devon, using water from the River Dart.

Naturalmat set an excellent example for other mattress manufacturers. They emphasise how important it is to use natural resources and operate a business with minimal environmental impact. These are key considerations behind the creation of every Naturalmat mattress, especially as they are made from sustainable and biodegradable sources, including organic coir, lambswool and cotton.

Have a peek at what Z Hotels are like at www.thezhotels.comLook online at to see Naturalmat's full range of hotel mattress ranges or call 0207 985 0474 for more information. 


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